Mental Health and Workplace Culture; Is there a better way?

February 20, 2022 01:52:46
Mental Health and Workplace Culture; Is there a better way?
Reframe Of Mind
Mental Health and Workplace Culture; Is there a better way?

Feb 20 2022 | 01:52:46


Show Notes

We’ve all either been through sustained high stress in the workplace or known someone who has, and when we’re encouraged to bring “all of ourselves to work” it usually contains an unspoken parenthesis with the words “except that bit”. So what happens when the stress becomes so unmanageable that we start to burn out?

How accountable are workplaces for providing an environment that promotes good mental health, and where is the a boundary between workplace stressors and those that can too easily spill in from everyday life?

In this episode Louise and Andy explore their own experiences with stress and burnout in the workplace with some food for thought from their guests Sally Goldner AM, Suzanne Mercier and Hugh Kearns while introducing new guests Jane Madden, Board Director at Black Dog Institute and Workplace Pattern Interruptor, Annie Harvey.

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