What motivates change?

June 05, 2022 01:21:03
What motivates change?
Reframe Of Mind
What motivates change?

Jun 05 2022 | 01:21:03


Show Notes

What motivates change? Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life” but we don’t want to get too hoity toity with academic quotes… suffice to say change does seem to be the thing we still fear the most from day to day. Sometimes it’s drastic, sometimes it’s simply unexpected, both of which are examples of the types of change that are forced upon us.


But what if you’re in a situation you know doesn’t serve you any more? You know you need to change, yet you keep on keeping on, hoping things will just get better. Before long you’re asking “how do you motivate yourself to change?”

The decisions we make inevitably affect our relationship with others and what motivates people to change varies. Do we always wait until we’ve just had enough, or can we move towards something new in a proactive way, instead of running away from something? Do we have to wait until we hit the ‘I’m f**king done’ moment before we act?

Motivation to change your life is coupled with motivating ourselves to change our behaviour. Choosing change, instead of letting change choose us takes courage, but is also one of the most liberating things we can do for ourselves.

So, what’s the best way to self motivate? Louise and Andy chat about their experiences making change in their lives along with helpful insights from leading scientists and psychologists.

We take an honest look at some of our personal experiences, with the help of some expert guests, to uncover if we’ve ever really made a deliberate choice to change or if the motivations for change have more often come from a place of ‘I just can’t do this anymore’.

We’ll also discuss what changes you can make in your life now that will help you later on down the road and find out just how important it is for us to know our own motivations so that when change is forced upon us—like when someone dies or we lose a job—we’re ready for it.

This episode features advice and commentary from Professor Leeanne Carey, world leading Australian neuroscientist in occupational therapy and stroke rehabilitation and recovery research at the Florey Institute; Associate Professor Kimberley Norris, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Tasmania; Professor Maree Teesson AC, Director of The Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use; Daphne Kapetas, CEO, Founder & Chemist of La Joie Skin; Sally Goldner AM, Diversity Trans re-lator, speaker and educator; And 2021 NSW Young Australian of the Year Nathan Parker.

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