Who is Nathan Parker, 2021 NSW Young Australian Of The Year?

January 16, 2022 00:50:18
Who is Nathan Parker, 2021 NSW Young Australian Of The Year?
Reframe Of Mind
Who is Nathan Parker, 2021 NSW Young Australian Of The Year?

Jan 16 2022 | 00:50:18


Show Notes

NSW Young Australian of the Year, Nathan Parker dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot for the Royal Australian Air Force from the time he turned six. He was on the way to that dream when a bus accident left him severely injured resulting in the amputation of his left hand. Nathan was the first upper-limb amputee in the history of the Australian Defence Force Academy to complete his final 12 months and graduate, and has since represented Australia in sports bringing home gold at the Invictus Games.


Nathan is a pilot, athlete and motivational speaker, sharing his story of resilience with the aim to motivate and inspire us to transform our toughest times into our greatest opportunities. Connect with Nathan at nathanparker.com.au where you can hire Nathan to speak at your school or event or access more of his insights through his Parks’ Perspectives series.

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