Why do I feel like an imposter?

February 06, 2022 01:09:54
Why do I feel like an imposter?
Reframe Of Mind
Why do I feel like an imposter?

Feb 06 2022 | 01:09:54


Show Notes

So you’ve got that promotion. Congratulations! How long is it before that knot in your stomach starts to tighten, the lump in your throat starts to grow and you start to feel like you’re out of your depth?

Imposter syndrome isn’t just a workplace phenomenon. There are all kinds of ways we can hold ourselves back from completing things. Maybe you’re a self proclaimed perfectionist, or gold-standard procrastinator. These traits are all too common companions in the imposter cycle, which we explored with Mr Hugh Kearns, lecturer and researcher in the area of high performance at Flinders University.

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